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Art Commissions are Easy!

Commission a one-of-a-kind work of art that will grow in value with your family. 

With years in the design industry you'll get your custom work by deadline - "no flakey artist" guarantee.


5 Things to Loosely Consider:


1.  What are the dimensions of the work or space for the art that you would like to commission?

2.  Do you have a specific subject matter in mind?  Inspiration of some sort?

3.  Do you have a specific mood or feeling for the room in which your art will occupy? If so, can you send

     photos or invite me to come on site?

4.  Are you interested in a specific media  (paint, drawing, wood, glass, mix it up, etc.)?

5.  Is there a budget for your project? (A range is fine).

Now that you have thought on these 5, shoot me an email at, call or text (843) 830-5210, or use the contact form below.  To buy materials, a deposit of 50% is required (nonrefundable) before work begins with the remainder payable before shipping or upon delivery.

Let's begin!

Thanks for contacting me. I will be in touch.

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