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Working with Artist On Fire


I have to say that working with Artist on Fire will never leave me the same. The initiators, Alex and Sara Radin, are some of the most remarkable people I have ever met. Humility and the arts are not two things that often go together, and Charleston is in no need of another young artist dude who doesn’t know that he doesn’t know. Not to mention, it’s difficult coming into a new group of artists; I’m not up for the shameless display where everyone peacocks around trying to prove their place in the pecking order. But Artist on Fire has been surprisingly – refreshingly – the opposite. There is so much love among them. They have extended an open invitation to participate with them, free of competition, and free of self-preservation. I have witnessed time and again how they put others first, how they sacrifice self to give others opportunity to flourish. And their faith… faith to dream, courage to act, confident that God is going to work it out. I was blown away last year at Spoleto 2010 by the power of their show, Passing Notion, and hope that they will remain a fixture in the festival for years to come. They are passionate about art and genuinely care about the people who will come through their doors. This is the kind of art that touches individuals in a good way, who then transform communities, and shape culture. I’ve seen enough in religion to make me skeptical at times, but these people really live out their faith, and it is beautiful.

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