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Speed Up Your Silver Soldering with Smith's Twin Tip


I wanted to review and recommend the Twin Tip for Smith's Little Torch. Bottom line: I love it!


The Smith Little Torch is just terrific because of the flame and heat precision it allows in soldering copper and brass. It works great for most of my projects though I'm using a rather pricey solder with the highest melting point I can find for structural strength. But at times you need to break out the silver solder when a joint is weight bearing and and must retain structural soundness. You know how the brass has to be heated cherry red for the silver to drop, and when working on 5/8" square, even with the largest tip, this can take what seems like an eternity.


In comes the Twin Tip to save the day. It speeds up the project tremendously. I've used it now on plate and it works terrific. The only caution is to remember that you now have two points to keep your eye on. For example, when soldering 3/16" plate to .040 sheet, the thinner metal is one daydream away from burning to a crisp. But other than that, if you've maxed out your flame with your Smith Little Torch and need more power without sizing up your unit, The Twin Tip is the way to go.

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