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The Earth Cries Out


Nature weathers gracefully.  This series was directly inspired by aerial landscapes of the earth.  Salts and minerals combine to paint spectacular colorations in the earth while water carves out beautiful crevasses for its teeming pools. Most of the elements on the periodic table are metals. These elements interact with other elements in breathtaking interplay, moved by wind, temperature, and water to create works of astounding natural beauty.  In an attempt to honor the unforced beauty in nature, each piece in this series begins with a copper or brass (which is copper + zinc) plate. The plate is etched in a salt bath to create earthen like textures.  They are then pantina'd with various chemicals, setting up environments for beauty to happen.  As in the earth, heat, water and air assist in weathering the metals in a way similar to natural processes.  The end result a naturalistic aerial landscape.


The Gorge
And So A River Flowed
Fountains,Springs Thru Valleys,Hills
Dust In the Scales
Springs In The Valleys
The Waters Below The Heavens
Voice Over The Deep
Water For a Thirsty Land
Written In The Dust
Many Waters Cannot Quench This Love
Out Of Water, By Water
Wilderness Pools
Rocks, Hill, and Plains
Let The Dry Land Appear
Land of Brooks of Water
Gathering Lands and Waters
Fountains For Dry Lands
Earth is Witness
Calling Forth The Expanse
Aerial Perspective
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