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The Heavenly Anthem




This collection is titled “Heavenly Anthem.”  Inspired by the calm and quiet beauty of nature, this body of work contemplates the marvel of life on a planet within the universe.  Natural beauty brings forth awe. Because it lifts into doxology, the pieces are named from lyrics in poetry and song.The natural world grants arresting beauty from its structural composition to the ever-changing elemental interplay acted upon by forces of temperature, water, and wind.  Therefore, these mixed media pieces are crafted by chemical reactions of elements from the periodic table, God’s building blocks.   Together this collection seeks to reflect the beauty created in the interaction of liquid elements with one another.  Chemical paintings are created on metals such as copper, brass, and steel.  Borrowing the techniques of nature, applications of heat, air, and watery patinas call colors and textures to arise.  Overlaying the paintings are silvered glass.  The metal is applied to the glass and varied by means of chemical processes.  These produce a mirrored effect that engages light as a medium while remaining translucent enough to visually interact with the patinated metals below.  The overall effect is reminiscent of patterns and effects of nature displayed in the wondrous elemental interplay of vapor, wind, and temperature.All works are circular (tondo) in form.  The tondo has historically held a place in art as a signifier of divine space.  So this body of art gives tribute to the Creator in an effort to display beauty with His media, bearing the stamp of the original Artist.  The pieces are displayed like a weightlessness galactic drift effortlessly suspended in space with planetary feel.  Here we see the spiritual beauty of the natural world that ever displays the divine attributes of the One at work in it.

As you can see, due to the silvering of the glass to produce a mirrored effect, these images are very hard to photograph.  All pieces below are patinated copper or brass  plate topped with a patinated silvered glass.  Each is framed in a hand-made brass frame.  The majority of the 52 pieces in this show have been sold.  If you are interested in commissioning a piece, please contact me at

Installation Gallery

Piccolo Spoleto Installation 2013
Into Your Orbit
Let Your Light Shine Down on Me
Welcome Happy Morning
Heavenly Anthem.jpg
Thou Silver Moon with Softer Gleam
O What a Foretaste of Glory Divine
Heaven and Nature Sing
Into Eternity I'll Sing On
For as Long as the Moon Endures
Patinated Metal with Silvered Glass
Art Show wtih Artist on Fire.jpg
When Midnight Meets Morning
Show with Artist on Fire
This Heart Finds its Way Home to You
You'll Come.jpg
Repeat the Sounding Joy.jpg
You Hold My World in Your Hands.jpg
My Song Shall Rise to Thee.jpg
Lift Up Your Voice and with Us Sing
Reflecting the Greater Light.jpg
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