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About Melanie Spinks


Melanie Spinks has spent a life in the study of the WOW experience.  She received the MFA from Georgia State Atlanta in Sculpture with a focus on ancient art-making and aesthetics.  She went on to pursue her MA from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary to explore the spiritual and aesthetic connections between art & design, awe, and desire. 


She is a fine artist and teaches part time at Wingate University where she has received the student-nominated Mentoring Award in 2019 and 2021.  Spinks has also taught at Charleston Southern and Georgia State in Atlanta. 


Spinks has worked in the museum and luxury design markets as an artist, builder, and curator for blue-chip designers and clientele.  With a background as a business owner in tech and digital media, she brings these skills to her visual products as well. 


Spinks art examines themes of the sacred, especially in spiritual contexts.  Further and recent collaborations include the Lausanne Movement's Global Classroom on the Arts, Leighton Ford Ministries, InterVarsity’s Urbana, and the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary’s Initiatives in the Arts.

​When you buy a work of art, you support good things.

Ten percent will go to the Lorien Academy of Art, a wonderful nonprofit that creates art opportunities for underserved communities in West Charlotte.  And 5% will go to her side project as a grower with a goal of planting 1,000 trees in the next 5 years for the well being of our planet.

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