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"As Christians, we do a great job engaging the mind toward truth and the will toward goodness.  But it is beauty that inflames the heart to love both." - Peter Kreeft
Sample Workshop and Seminar Topics

5 Steps to Art Interpretation that Anyone Can Master:  This workshop is for those who are interested in the arts and want to become more comfortable interacting with it.  Participants can learn a 5-step process to interpret art so that you can engage with the arts in a life-enriching way.


Why Art Matters:  We live in the most visual culture in history.  Often art's influence happens under the radar where most are unaware.  We'll look at specific examples of cultural shifts that were mediated through the arts to follow how ideas become enculturated in artistic forms.  To be discerning in this culture, it's imperative to be equipped to discern the meaning of visual forms.

The Spirit of Art History:  We'll look at the fascinating history of art to trace how form follows cultures of belief on the micro and macro scale.

The Sanctified Imagination:  What does it mean to create in step with the Spirit?  When does inspiration become original? What things come together to make creativity happen? We'll open the archive of symbols of the early church to bolster your own creative process and growth.

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"It is a pleasure to recommend Melanie Spinks as an excellent artist and communicator, with a gift for understanding spiritual and cultural issues. She has a rich background in the often divergent artistic and Christian communities and understands how to make them connect for the benefit of both. My students found Melanie's presentation on Christianity and the arts to be very informative and helpful, as well as enjoyable. They appreciated how she opened their eyes to things they had not considered, giving them an appreciation for the importance of creativity and beauty in the life of the church. If you have Melanie come and speak to your group, you will not be disappointed."

- Alan Myatt
Missionary Scholar at United World Mission/Ranked Adjunct Associate Professor at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Equipping Creatives in Their Vocation
Sample topics include...


Inhabiting your Artistic Domain:  We'll look at the role of the artist in the Ancient Near East and the world of the Bible, comparing them to changing roles of artists through history to our present time.  What can we learn from the ancient artist and how can the craftsman of Scripture redeem the role that artists occupy today?

Creativity in Scripture:  What is originality? And what is creativity comprised of? We'll look at what things specifically come together to make creativity happen. 

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​"I attended the "Image Bearer" conference over the weekend. Your moving testimony and wonderfully cerebral and simultaneously earthy teaching was inspiring to me. I am encouraged to keep going on this complex, brilliant artist's pathway, this side of my authentic reality. It was validating to fellowship with other artists as well. Thank you so much for using your energy to bring God's Word. The teaching was spot on and anointed by the Master.

- Priscilla K. Garatti, Author

"I've been in several art courses over my education career, but never have I been taught by an actual artist. This brings a new perspective on the art forms and meaning because she has experienced and used them first hand.  She is invested in her work and makes it applicable to the students while still retaining a margin of critical thinking on the students' part.

It was fascinating to learn about art throughout history. She makes it a point to relate it back to the students and meet them where they are.  This course helped stretch my thinking about Art as a whole. I really enjoyed this class... [It] made me appreciate art more and bought new content to the table."

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