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Gordon-Conwell Art Commission

I'm pleased to announce an art project underway for Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary's new David Rogers Hall of Missions. This mixed media piece occupies a 12' x 24' space welcoming guests into the new missions wing.

As an alumna of Gordon-Conwell, this project is personally important to me. My first introduction to the seminary came through the Perspectives course after being called to missionary service in 1999. GCTS graduate, Dr. Bill Jones, was a teacher. Dr. Jones and other alumni challenged me with their lifestyle. Whether teaching with power, serving in the marketplace, or smuggling Bibles into prohibited lands, I saw modeled in their lives the kind of Christian I wanted to be. Through Perspectives, I came to see that as an artist I am already among an unreached people group who as a whole have difficulty receiving the love of God. This revelation gave me eyes to see the art world as a mission field with art as my voice. My time at GCTS, especially through the teaching of Dr. Laniak and Dr. Adams, was a season of sanctification in the discipline I love. Here I learned how to use art for God’s purposes in a time where there is little light in the art world. Therefore, it's a true honor to serve the seminary community which has shaped me as a cultural missionary.

Another important note, I only met David Rogers once. But it was unforgettable. I was asked to share my story at a GCTS business luncheon where he was presiding. At the mention of Jesus, a tear went down his cheek. And my thought was, this man knows the Lord. I couldn't know then that I would create a work of art one day that serves to prosper the work of Christ in missions at a building bearing this man's name. I was saddened to hear of his passing years ago, and find it a privilege to honor his memory and life's work in this way.

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